Our service is provided by qualified technicians who are serving our clients with their passion and customer satisfaction commitment. Our auto-mechanics offer complete auto computer system diagnostics, used by the latest software capable to service all vehicles from the American market.

B&P AUTO-SERVICE provides the following services:

  • Complete engine repairs and diagnostics
  • Automatic transmission rebuilt and service
  • ABS and Air Bag system diagnostics
  • The traction control systems
  • Parking system, DVD, car navigation, GPS and rear view cameras
  • Repair of suspension systems
  • Repair of air conditioning systems
  • Painting and auto body services

Our company has the latest scanners and full diagnostic software dedicated to Chrysler, GM, Ford and Japanese cars offered to the American market. We also own the hi-tech special diagnostic equipment for electronic module encoding and programming immobilizers, processors, and main computer controllers used in the latest American models.

Moreover, our service team carries a full auto maintenance program including exchange of automotive fluids and provides required periodic services and mechanical repairs of:

  • Drive system
  • Steering system and wheel alignment
  • Brake system
  • Suspension system
  • Board computer control system
  • Installation of additional equipment and accessories

We also offer an adjustment service and modification of the car lighting system to meet required European standards.

JWe are at your disposal, and kindly invite you to use our services.